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baby they can’t have our yesterday, especially for @eumumi <3

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“In the movie, there is a scene where I told Bong Minjung ‘It was so hard for me in the past. I don’t want to live that life again. I am doing just fine now.’ It’s not a scene with extreme emotion and I didn’t have to cry but I found myself shedding tears. That cut was used in the movie but it actually wasn’t in the original script. There were many before-debut stories that I couldn’t tell. Maybe my tears fell because of those thoughts.“ -Jaejoong

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"A lot of time has passed. The time we’ve spent apart might have created misunderstandings, but as for us, a lot of that has passed. I just hope for us to all meet again. Yunho and Changmin appear in my dreams often. Once, all three of us dreamt of them at once,I still don’t keep in contact with Yunho and Changmin. Please let us contact them.”


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