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(my poor little soul).

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i found something…

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i know you don't really post much anymore but i just wanted to let you know that i think your graphics are absolutely awesome and wow you are great at photoshop, so skillful. come back to us soon ♥

thank you, it really means a lot to me, since my little vacation starts which mean i can post really soon, i want to thank you million times and i hope you will support in me in the future too! <3

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how did you make the dark area between the two pictures in this graphic /post/50023415601 where you wrote "i will run away and stay away"? it looks really cool, i like the way you blended the two pictures ^^

well, you need to know basically how to merge two photos together in photoshop, and this link may help you http://www.wikihow.com/Merge-Two-Photos-Together-With-Photoshop , and for what i did in my graphic, that the dark area was from the second photo, so i combine them that the second photo layer was above the other photo. i’m not good in explanation but i hope you get the idea, and thank you so much for loving my edit.

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do you think you could make some edit tutorials? your graphics are so awesome, but mine are always so plain...

thank you so much, i am glad that you do, umm, maybe in the near future, because of some reasons i am not available in tumblr during these days but i will for sure, thank you so much. Well, to develop your skills you need to do more graphics till you feel good about your work, and i know you can do it, so don’t give up! good luck!

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I'm in love with your blog. 💗 Seeing someone appreciate LOTR & k-pop too. 😊❤️ Have a lovely day. x

Thank you so much, omg you made my day better

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long time no see people, i missed you tumblr.

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